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Save time localizing your equipment with Noah. (GoNoFurther) is a web software development company, founded on the idea that people shall be involved in the applications they would use. Since 1996 the company has worked hard to create applications that are meaningfull to the customer and easy to use by the users. has focus on development of web applikations and systems developed in cooperation with our customers and by utilizing the knowledge and experience with Asset Management and other areas of expertice. Development is mainly done in PHP, MySQL and javascript.

Today – supplies products that are developed based on users needs and requests.

Snail Mail:
Finsensvej 46D 1tv.
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
CVR: 16143103

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1. Demo

Q: I try to login to your demo site - what is the login and password?

A: Please login with "demo" as username and password.

The demo site is running a production build. All features are available and you are free to use it for testing. Create, edit and delete assets, customers aso..

2. Clusters

Q: Why can’t I just create a cluster?

A: You must create an asset as a cluster type – or edit an existing asset and set the type as a Cluster.

Q: Some nodes isn’t showing in Add Nodes to Cluster

A: The nodes shown are assets not of the type Cluster, Disksystem or Director

3. Listings (Datatables)

Q: Why can’t I see an X for clearing the search field?

A: Firefox has a default of removing this kind of buttons. Try Chrome or other browser for better result.

4. Paste Image

Q: Upon pasting an image into a textarea, it gives an "Unknown error". What to do?

A: This can happen if the server_path is not set correctly in config.php. It should be set to the base path of Noah. Eg. /var/www/html/

5. Error writing to var/ directory

In some cases it is not enough to alter rights or ownership on var/ directory as stated. Noah will still provide an error like this:

The '/var/www/html/var/' folder - and folders in that folder - needs to be set to writeable to apache. In unix, chmod -R 775 var/. System has stopped!

The solution can be: chcon -R --type httpd_sys_rw_content_t //var/

or changing owner to that of Apache: chown -R : *

6. Getting a GROUP BY mysql error.

It is a known "issue" with mysql starting at version 5.7

Settings needs to be set in mysql config file: my.cnf

See docs on how to remedy it: Mysql Group By

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